About The Band

T-Klez’ sound is singularly joyful and masterful. 

Rooted firmly in 19th and 20th century traditional klezmer (Eastern European Jewish) music repertoire with deep bows to Hasidic traditions, we play a full gamut of tasty tunes, Yes, we can play other styles -- Israeli, swing, special requests. 


Our core rep includes:          

  • fast dances - freylekhs, bulgars, Ukrainian tunes, rikuds...
  • waltzes, tangos, and other slow tunes like Rumanian horas, khusidls...
  • Yiddish Theater and folk song 
  • spiritual and rejoycing Hasidic nigunim.  Who knows, you might even be transported to Israel's Mt. Meron to enjoy marching tunes played during the Lag B’omer holiday!
  • newly composed rep from Bessarabia to Belmont, MA.

Veterans of both and stage and celebrations, T-Klez’ performances are fun and educational and their dance sets rock the house!

here are some sound samples